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European customers are still very cautious in selecting equipment, and it takes 5 years to inspect and discuss the process before and after. Last year, we ordered a twin-screw extruder from Hengo and Corberon respectively.
Henggao SHJ-75D is equipped with Henggao's independent weightlessness scale in the second largest local factory in the United States. The eight production lines in this workshop are all Henggao products. The output also exceeded the customer's expectations of 1200KG/H.
At the end of 2012, American customers saw our equipment running well in his friend's factory. Our equipment not only has high output, but also fully meets the quality requirements. Therefore, the customer's friend has also become a new customer of hengao. These are two units on the customer's site. After one month of operation, the customer has ordered two larger units.
In order to strictly control the quality of products, BASF purchased Nanjing Henggao loss in weight scale unit in Brazil The control accuracy of various components of materials meets the requirements of BASF.
Japan's Panasonic Osaka factory uses Nanjing Henggao extruder to produce powder alloy materials for sound.
For the ordinary volumetric feeder used by customers before, the proportion of each component is difficult to control accurately during product modification, and Fiat often returns it. A year ago, they used the weight-loss scale unit of Nanjing Henggao, and the feeding accuracy was less than 0.5%. Fiat increased its procurement. This year, the customer bought the second production line of weightless scale unit.
Nanjing Henggao is equipped with four sets of weightless feeding system units, which operate smoothly in Brazil and are highly praised by customers. The whole production line of this unit is controlled by Siemens S7-300 PLC and Ethernet. Customers can control the production situation in real time in the office. The production situation can be saved and the user can call and print at any time.
Nanjing Henggao's high torque twin-screw extruder shj-75d and single screw extruder sj-180 form a two-stage (parent and child) unit. This unit is equipped with three precision weight loss scales made by hengao. The customer is satisfied with the acceptance, and the uniformity of production output, product quality and formula ratio is much higher than other units.
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